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Eva Fricke Rheingau

Eva Fricke Riesling Trocken

Riesling and the Rheingau region belong together. We mainly grow Riesling, which we consider predisposed to best express the wonderful diversity of the Rheingaus’ terroir.Our philosophy is simple and pure: clear and concentrated wines that reveal the nuances of nature, soil and vintage!

The estate wines express a blend of all the soils that the Rheingau has to offer. Our village wines show the amazing differences that the very different soils and microclimates found in the upper and lower Rheingau can produce. Our single vineyard wines make up the top of our portfolio with the highest fruit concentrations, fruit expressions and densities.It’s culture and vinification follow ecological standards since 2011 and vegan aspects since 2015. Our wines are registered by The Vegan Society and in July 2016 the domaine entered the EU-biocertification process. 

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